Vaccination Services

Tracy Consulting Services is an established, reputable and accredited provider of workplace vaccinations in Queensland under the Health (Drugs and Poisons) Regulation 1996 Section 18(1), and currently provides on-site Vaccination services to a range of organisations. Occupational Vaccinations include Hepatitis A & B, Tetanus and the annual Influenza vaccination amongst others.


Tracy Consulting Services provides an on-site vaccination program which is cost-effective, professional, flexible and designed to minimise disruption to the workplace, whilst complimenting existing proactive health initiatives.

Workplace influenza vaccination programs can significantly reduce transmission rates and therefore absenteeism, resulting in both health and economic benefits for workers and employers. These programs are recommended to be held between March and July each year for maximum effectiveness.

Tracy Consulting Services also offers a free online booking service to maximise participation by your workforce, minimise down-time and ensure a highly efficient and cost effective campaign for your business.

Services Offered

  • Accredited provider of workplace vaccinations in Queensland and Victoria
  • Annual Flu Vaccinations
  • Occupational Vaccinations including Hepatitis and Tetanus

Immunisation Qualifications

Tracy Consulting Services employs a team of fully qualified Occupational Health Nurse Immunisers, who hold the mandatory tertiary qualifications and meet the necessary competency standards to practice at an advanced level as Registered Immunisation Nurses in Queensland. All TCS Nurses are highly trained and experienced having practiced for many years in hospitals, clinics, corporate environments, and industrial workplaces.