Risk Management

Tracy Consulting provides expert Risk Management consulting with a particular focus on Occupational Health and Wellness Risks and Opportunities. Our Clients engage us to provide an independent expert assessment across a range of industrial environments.

We are acknowledged by the Queensland Government for our work in implementing the PErForM approach to Hazardous Manual tasks within the Qld steel manufacturing sector. This participative approach engages with your workforce in identifying Hazardous Material Handling Tasks, preparing and implementing workable solutions for business. This innovative, engaging approach has delivered proven results over time.

risk assessment

We are a recognised expert in undertaking assessments of workplaces, individuals, and tasks, identifying both risks and opportunities to both improve health, safety and wellness outcomes whilst at the same time delivering a measurable improvement in productivity.

Our Ergonomics and Manual Handling Risk Assessment processes have been developed in compliance with the legislative requirements and based on best practice research and our extensive experience in Risk Identification, Assessment, Mitigation and Elimination.

Services offered

  • Risk Assessment and preparation of Hazardous Manual Task Risk Registers
  • Large-scale Participatory Ergonomics Risk Assessment interventions
  • Accredited PErforM Facilitator
  • Workplace Assessments Design, and Recommendations