Our Nursing Services

It is recognised that Employers and employees have a duty under the nationally harmonised Occupational Health & Safety Legislation and Regulations. Employers must provide a range of Occupational Health services to its employees to ensure legislative and regulatory compliance, and also to meet their corporate SH&E objectives and obligations, and strive toward world best practice. Our experience with organisations is that these services are optimised when delivered through the engagement of a fully qualified Registered Nurse experienced in Occupational Health Nursing, on-site. TCS is able to assist Employers with the establishment of a high quality, in-house contracted Occupational Health service. nurse Many of the occupational health services which are costly and currently being outsourced eg. Pre-employment Medicals, audiometry, occupational vaccinations, drug & alcohol testing and injury management would be undertaken on your site by your contracted nurse management. By engaging TCS to provide your organisation’s Occupational Health and Wellness services will enable us to provide your employees with a prompt, professional and ‘local’ Occupational Health and Wellness service when required.

Services offered

  • Provision of fully qualified and experienced Occupational Health Nursing staff for casual, short or long-term placement within your business
  • On-site Vaccinations
  • Pre-employment Medical Assessments & Routine Occupational Health Assessments
  • Audiometry and noise exposure education
  • Spirometry
  • Drug & Alcohol testing on-site
  • Respiratory Protection Fit Testing
  • Nurse-led Skin Checks
  • Diabetes & Cardiovascular Wellness Checks
  • Health Education sessions and Toolbox Talks
  • Health Promotion campaigns