Injury management and Return-to-Work Services

Tracy Consulting Services provides Occupational Rehabilitation and Return-to-work services to assist companies with the safe return to work of injured and ill employees.

rtw and rehab
Through the assessment of physical, medical, social, psychological and vocational needs of both the employee and the workplace, our consultants are able to implement timely and durable return to work outcomes for all.

TCS is also experienced in delivering highly effective outcomes for non work-related injuries and illnesses, and for employees with complex cases.

Services offered

  • Assessment of injured and ill employees including medical, psychological and vocational case management for work-related and non work-related conditions
  • Development and Implementation of Suitable Duties Plans, Adjustments Plans and Work Hardening Plans
  • Safe return-to-work programs which are cost-effective, timely and durable
  • Work Cover claims management, strategy, policy and procedure development
  • Complex Case management
  • Health education to prevent future reoccurrence
  • Mental Health & Wellbeing services