Ergonomic Consulting

As a Certified Professional Ergonomist (CPE), Adrienne provides professional ergonomic consulting services, specialising in large-scale participatory ergonomics programs to assist businesses minimise their Occupational Health and Safety risks and optimise their productivity through injury prevention solutions and systems.
Adrienne has been instrumental in driving substantial preventative ergonomics programs within a number of organisations, to reduce the incident of musculo-skeletal injuries occurring as a result of manual handling tasks. She was instrumental in delivering the ‘Participatory Ergonomics’ program – ‘PErforM’ into the Queensland steel manufacturing sector on behalf of Workplace Health and Safety Queensland aimed at the risk assessment, prevention and management of hazardous manual handling tasks.

Tracy Consulting Services provides one-on-one Ergonomic Assessments to ensure all of your needs are met. With the increased risks associated with sedentary behaviors within modern offices, we can provide a comprehensive range of ergonomic services, including assessments, solutions and training for your workforce, to improve their health and well-being outcomes.

Services Offered

  • Hazardous Manual Tasks Risk Assessments and controls
  • Development of Hazardous Manual Task Risk Registers
  • Manual Handling and Manual Task Risk Assessment Training
  • Safe Workplace Design, Injury Prevention Solutions and safe systems of work
  • Safe Task Design
  • Office Ergonomics including Workstation Assessment, Design, Set-up and Training
  • Innovative Ergonomic solutions to minimise sedentary risks
  • Vehicle Ergonomics Assessments and Training
  • Working-from-home Ergonomic Assessments