“Adrienne and her team of Immunisation Nurses from Tracy Consulting Services provided a highly professional, efficient and very successful annual flu vaccination program for our Alsco employees. We continue to engage them every year. ”

Christine Seymour, OH&S Manager Queensland, Alsco

“Adrienne has provided Holy Cross Laundry with a reliable and highly effective WorkCover Rehabilitation and Return to work service for over ten years. Many of our injured employees have had the benefit of her professional care and support. In addition, she has provided many years of Ergonomics expertise, contributing to safe Laundry and task design, and significant reduction in manual handling injury risks.”

Mandy Ross, Human Services and Quality Systems Manager, Holy Cross Laundry Ltd.

“By having an Occupational Health Nurse from Tracy Consulting Services on-site each week, we have managed our pre-employment medical program in an extremely cost effective way. In addition, the TCS team of experienced Health Professionals, i.e. Physio, Dietitian, Counsellor, Exercise Physiologist, Ergonomist and Nurse Immunisers, allows us to deliver exceptional results with our on-site Health and Wellness Program.”

Peter Gould, Workplace Health, Safety and Wellbeing Manager, Redland City Council

“I have utilised Adrienne’s expertise to conduct our on-site Ergonomic Assessment and Training Program, which yielded significant and positive impacts on employee morale and resulted in a reduction in workplace injuries”

Melinda Toyne, Past Health Principal, QGC Queensland

Progressive businesses invest in the Health and Wellbeing of their employees. This can take many forms but effective programs require the input and support of passionate professionals who genuinely care about the positive behavioural outcomes that can be achieved for all involved. Financial Advice Matters is proud to be working along side and with Tracy Consulting Services (TCS) with Redland City Council.
Adrienne Tracy does much of the heavy lifting in co-ordinating professionals and bringing together a comprehensive program of wellbeing elements including physical, social and mental. Her experience and pragmatic approach allows her to add significant value to those organisations and professionals that she works with and assists.
This makes such a difference to the organisations that she supports, who are all at different levels of maturity on their wellness program journey. Her caring and empathetic approach to those that she assists is a testament to her professionalism.
Through the work our team has done with Adrienne it is clear that this her calling. Like many others we appreciate the ongoing support of Tracy Consulting Services and encourage others to engage Adrienne and her team.
Adrian Berkeley, Senior Financial Adviser, Financial Advice Matters
The workplace of the 21st century requires professionals that can partner and assist both business and their employees. Adrienne Tracy and her team from Tracy Consulting Services (TCS) exceeds that expectation. Over the past 5 years I have seen the professional service delivery that Adrienne and her team have delivered to Redland City Council. Over the past 2 years I have had the privilege to work with Adrienne and her team. Adrienne successfully takes a humanistic holistic approach and is meticulous in the development of injury management planning and case management. Always with the employer and employee firmly in mind. Her ability to build relationships and put injured workers at ease and address managers concerns, is her strength. Adrienne is authentic in her leadership approach and understands the importance of diverse environments. Therefore, she is able to assist organisations in the development of their Wellness and Wellbeing Programs that take a physical, medical, nutritional, social, psychological and financial approach. The result is reductions in psychosocial hazards, presenteeism and absenteeism with enhancements in workplace safety resulting in reduced injuries and improved productivity.
Diana Sheehan, Workplace EAP Counsellor, Daly & Ritchie