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Occupational Health & Wellness Consulting

Tracy Consulting Services brings 30 years of professional experience to ensure the correct strategies and results are captured for our clients’ needs, as to create a safe, culturally aligned and productive workplace. We offer a personal approach combined with unparalleled people, knowledge and processes.

Tracy Consulting Services provides individually tailored solutions and so much more. We have the capabilities to deliver results where a client requires great solutions. Our team has the processes, experience and focus to meet our clients’ needs, no matter what industry sector. Tracy Consulting Services can deliver our tailored and unique processes almost anywhere, domestically or internationally.

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Why use Tracy Consulting?

Each client has unique requirements, to which we can tailor our dynamic methodologies, as to successfully ensure their desired outcomes.

TCS has a strong history of being able to help clients with innovative solutions to their particular Occupational Health & Ergonomics needs.

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Promoting health and wellness in your workplace

We offer a comprehensive range of services, all of which can be tailored to each client’s specific needs. These services include:

Occupational Health Nursing Services

  • Provision of fully qualified and experienced Occupational Health Nursing staff for casual, short or long-term placement within your business
  • Pre-employment Medical Assessments, Routine Occupational Health Assessments, Audiometry and Spirometry
  • Drug & Alcohol testing on-site


  • Hazardous manual handling risk assessments and controls
  • Manual handling training
  • Safe workplace design, injury prevention solutions and systems
  • Office ergonomics

Injury Management & Return-To-Work Services

  • Assessment of injured and ill employees including medical, psychological and vocational case management for work-related and non work-related conditions
  • Safe return-to-work programs which are cost-effective, timely and durable
  • Work Cover claims management, strategy, policy and procedure development
  • Complex Case management

Hazardous Manual Handling Requirements

  • Risk Assessment and preparation of Hazardous Manual Task Risk Registers
  • Implementation of large-scale Participatory Ergonomics Risk Assessment Interventions
  • Delivery of Training

Workplace Vaccinations

  • Accredited provider of workplace vaccinations in Queensland and Victoria
  • Annual Flu Vaccinations
  • Occupational Vaccination Programs including Hepatitis and Tetanus

Health & Wellness

  • Delivery of the on-site Health and Wellness programs
  • Health & Wellness Policy, Strategy and Procedure development

Training & Development

  • Targeted Health & Wellness Training Programs for identified occupational hazards
  • Manual Handling, Bio-Hazards, Occupational Noise, Fatigue management amongst others

Risk Management

  • Risk Assessment and preparation of Risk Registers
  • Large-scale Participatory Ergonomics Risk Assessment interventions
  • Accredited PErforM Facilitator

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